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For valve TRF AC receiver

In dark wood cabinet with side panels and with a red/purple ""Arbolite" front and top, brown Bakelite knobs and a brass trim around the wavelength scale. A black wooden bottom plate is affixed to the bottom of the cabinet. It has a small vertical wooden bar in front of the speaker.

The knobs from left to right: wavelength switch, reaction control, with the tuning knob above it, and on/off/volume control. At the back of the chassis is a knob for the separating filter. The radio has connections for a long or a short antenna, earth and a gramophone player.
The receiver comes from Belgium, and was probably also made there. It has a "Licence SBR/SEM" plate and is equipped with American valves. This model was probably introduced in 1932. A pencilled text on one of the capacitor blocks shows the date: 15/4/32.

A similar radio, a predesessor of the Melodie, with the name Duo 312, was introduced in the Netherlands at the Spring Trade Fair, held from March 10 until March 19, 1931. This receiver had a chassis that could also be bought separately as Type 311 (see advertisement below).

The Melodie was also released in the Netherlands. A newspaper advertisement shows a radio with the same shape, but without the side panels, the front is flat and the loudspeaker ornament has the form of two connected half circles. Arbolite was not used (see advertisements of a Dutch and a Belgian model below).

The original price of the Duo 312, introduced in The Netherlands, was f 175,-; the price of the Melodie was f 132,50. In Belgium, the Melodie was sold for Fr 1950,-. The license fee was Fr 60. The DC version, the Weco Melodie 5008, cost Fr 2100,- and the license fee was Fr 80.

Data Valves  
Serial number: 2025, license 10509143, chassis 433
Dimensions (hwd): 42 40 19 cm
Made in: 1932
Purchased in: 2014
Voltage: 220 V

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What was broadcast in 1932?


Listen to "Betty Boop", by the orchestra of Phil Spitalny, recorded in 1932

Rear view
Top view of the chassis
Under-chassis view
Advertisement for the Weco Melodie in "Nieuwsblad van het Noorden", November 19th, 1932.
Advertisement for the DC version of the Weco Melodie in Belgian magazine "Radio", December 1932.

Side view of the radio
Brochure with Weco products, September 1932
The text mentions three valves. On the next page of this brochure the correct number (4) is given.
License- and type plate
Advertisement in magazine "Radio", October 1932 Ad in Radio Expres, December 18th, 1931
(with many thanks to Gidi Verheijen for some of the illustrations)

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