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Four-valve TRF receiver for AC
In oak cabinet with lift-up lid and Arbolite front. Both tuning scales are illuminated.
Weco also made a loudspeaker cabinet, that could be used together with the radio (see advertisement below).
Knobs under the scales: primary and secondary tuning. Small knobs left and middle: push/pull wave length switches (medium wave/long wave), the small knob on the right can be used to switch the two scale lights on and off. In the middle, a knob for reaction control. A volume control knob is situated at the right hand side of the cabinet. Antenna and earth can be connected at the left hand side. A loudspeaker and a gramophone player can be connected at the back of the receiver.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 639
Dimensions (hwd): 21 x 55 x 26.5 cm
Made in: 1929
Purchased in: 2012
Voltage: 220 V

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Replacement circuit

What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to "Doin' The New Low Down" by the Lud Gluskin Orchestra, vocals Emile Christian, Howard Kennedy and Eddie Ritten, recorded in 1929.

A look inside

Hand written text with signature and date (27/12), serial number (639) and date (31-12-1929)
Advertisement for the Weco AC receiver together with a loudspeaker cabinet with electrodynamic loudspeaker. Radio Guide of broadcast organisation Avro, August 9th, 1929.

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