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Five valve superheterodyne AC receiver
With walnut veneered cabinet on two large sled-like black feet. Brown Bakelite knobs. The speaker opening has three wooden grille slats. Elongated celluloid wavelength scale with Bakelite edge and an aluminum trim underneath. The scale is illuminated by two scale lamps.

The knobs from left to right: wavelength switch, tuning, on/off/volume control. The knob below is used for tone control.
Electrodynamic loudspeaker with exciter coil, diameter 17 cm.
Receives medium wave (190-550 meters) and long wave (700-2000 meters). With band-pass filter and AVC. The intermediate frequency is 106 kHz.
Sold in Belgium with SBR licence.
The receiver looks very similar to the Weco 5021 Charmeur, made in 1932 (see picture on the right, from the collection of Roland Desmet (B)). This is possibly a newer version of this model, made in 1933, with a different chassis structure, newer tubes, an elongated wavelength scale and a tone control knob below the tuning knob.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 836, chassis 570, licence 10503654
Dimensions (h×w×d): 50.5 x 42.5 x 28.3 cm
Made in: 1933
Purchased in: 2016
Voltages: 110, 130, 220V~

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What was broadcast in 1933?


Listen to "Ah! La Biguine", sung by Jean Sablon, acc. by l’Orchestre du Théâtre Daunou (direction by Jef de Murel), Faustin JeanJean (tp), Léon Ferreri (tp, tb & v), Roger JeanJean (as,cl), poss. Paul JeanJean (ts,cl), Russell Goudey (as,bars), Michel Warlob (vln), Michel Emer (p,arr); Django Reinhardt (g), poss. Henri Bruno (b), Max Elloy (dm). Recorded in Parijs, March 14, 1933

The back of the receiver

The back of the receiver with back panel removed

Licence- and type plates
Weco used a type plate from an older 5014 Duo radio. The last 2 digits on this type plate were scratched away and modified by hand with ink or paint; not uncommon with these radios. These digits have faded, so unfortunately the complete type number is unkown.
The scale by night
The radio is tuned to station Radio Paradijs in Utrecht on 189.6 meters (1582 kHz).
Top view of the chassis

Under-chassis view

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