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On the 24th of January, 1927, Weco was formally founded by S. Biedermann, G.A. Weber and N.D. Santifort in Amsterdam. S. Biedermann and G.A. Weber were the first presidents of the firm, so there is a clear relationship between Biedermann (founded around 1915) and Weco.

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In Januari 1926 the first advertisement appeared, and in July 1927 the first radio was introduced, a three valve short wave battery receiver. Earlier that year, in January, the first design for a home made kit was published.
The company started at Tolstraat 92-94. In 1928 the address is De Ruijterkade 141-142 and in 1929, Lijnbaansgracht 8-10; on March 30th, 1929, Weco opens a showroom at Damrak 57. In 1930 Weco markets the Recordograph recorder, made by German firm Braun.
In approximately 1930 Weco introduces its 3-block system, consisting of a transformer block, coil block and amplifier block, for use in home made kits. These kits could by housed in a home made cabinet or in a Weco cabinet.
Weco not only made complete receivers but also parts for home made  kits, battery eliminators, battery chargers, electrodynamic loudspeakers, loudspeakers for cinemas, transformers and electrical radio-gramophones, like the Triplofoon (1929). Philips owns a lot of radio patents and Weco is affected by this. Weco stays active in The Netherlands but also seeks cooperation in Belgium. Weco teams up with Belgian firm Fonior (founded December 13, 1929). S.A. Fonior, rue de Laeken 71, Brussel, later moved to 203, Chassée d'Anvers. Using the name Weco-Fonior, radios like the 374 Melodie and the 375 Ambassador, a superheterodyne receiver are made. At the beginning of World War II, Weco has to close down because of Jewish ownership.
A Weco advertisement in a  Biedermann & Co. folder, March 1927
Announcement of the opening of a Weco-showroom on March 30th, 1929 in Radio-Expres, March 29, 1929

Weco choke coil Type Ci 26 from 1928

Advertisement for Weco products in Radio Wereld, June 21st, 1928

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