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Five valve "super-inductance" TRF receiver
Cabinet in polished oak veneer. In the left side is the on /off/volume knob; on the right the tuning knob, that is used for medium wave (175-600 meters) when extended and long wave (650-2000 meters) when pressed in. An antenna, an earth, a gramophone and an additional loudspeaker can be connected at the back. There is also a switch on the right hand side that can be used to reduce needle noise. This switch also works as a high/low switch in the radio section. Equipped with the Philips 2055 electro-dynamic speaker.
The economic situation in the Netherlands in the 1930s was not very rosy, and the factory was confronted with strikes and wage cuts. On October 12, 1931, a strike broke out among 150 factory girls working at N.S.F. at the assembly line. As a result of a wage measure, their wages were reduced by 10%, while the the amount of work increased. After commitments from the company and allowing a greater role for the union movement within the company, the strike ended after a short while. In March 1932, staff again had to agree to a cut in wages.
The chassis of the radio is the same as that of the Philips 720A/730A. It was therefore the first NSF radio that was made on the basis of an existing Philips chassis. Date stamp on one of the condenser blocks: December 16, 1931.
The original price was f 275-. The Philips 730A cost the same. Around 900 radios were made. In Belgium, the receiver was sold under the brand name Aristona.
The first owner bought the radio at Jan Langkamp, Emmastraat 318-320 in Enschede, in February 1932. An advertisement of this shop for the NSF Hilversum 5 in Twentsch Dagblad Tubantia of December 4, 1931, is shown below.
Serial number: 1653 G
Produced: 900
Dimensions (whd): 40  50.8  25 cm
Made in: 1931
Purchased in: 2020
Voltage: 220V
Weight: 16.6 kg
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What was broadcast in 1931?


Listen to "Spreek me niet over de malaise" (Don't talk to me about the malaise"), sung by Willy Derby, recorded in 1931


Back with rear panel removed
Top view of the chassis
The underside of the chassis
Sticker on the inside of the case with the text: "Receiver Type Hilversum 5 Control No 1653. Owned by H.G. Wassing Groene.str.329 Nijmegen. Bought in 1932 in February from Langkamp in Enschede. The Netherlands".

Advertisement in Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, October 22, 1931 Advertisement in Twentsch Dagblad Tubantia, December 4, 1931

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