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Digitale wereldontvanger
Portable, microprocessor-controlled, frequency-synthesized general-range receiver with push-button tuning and storage for up to ten favorite stations. Equipped with a 12/24 hour digital clock and timer and powered by six AA batteries (2 for the computer and clock and four for the radio). Mains power is possible with the help of a 6 volt adapter. An internal ferrite antenna is used in medium and long wave bands. The extendable antenna on the top is used for FM and shortwave. An external wire antenna can be connected using a 3.5 mm jack plug, which is also used for earphones. The sleeve can be connected to ground and the tip connected to the antenna wire. When this connection is used, the internal ferrite antenna is disconnected and the medium and long waves are attenuated. The frequency range is 153 kHz to 26.100 MHz continuous and FM from 87.6 to 108 Mhz. Introduced in 1983.
The Sony ICF-7600DS has a frequency range from 153 kHz to 29.995 MHz continuous and FM from 76 to 108 Mhz. This model has a BFO and can be used to listen to single sideband transmissions. This receiver was introduced in 1987.
On the left side is a carrying strap, a sensitivity switch, a connection for a stereo earphone (18Ω), a connection for a recording device and the connection for the power supply. On the right side is a fine-tuning button (to be used with the button next to it, which switches to SSB reception), a tone switch and the volume knob. At the top is the main switch for the power supply. The time can be set by a button on the back.
A frequency can be entered by means of the AM and FM buttons and the number buttons. The receiver then tunes to the requested frequency by pressing "execute". Stations can be registered to a number key by pressing "Enter" and a number between 0 and 9 at the same time. Manual tuning is possible with the arrow keys. A red light to the right of the tuning scale lights up when tuned correctly. The time and a switch-on moment can also be set.
The original price was DM 560,-
Serial number  
Made in: 1983
Production period: 1983-1987
Purchased in: 1983
Voltages: 3 volts (2 x AA) + 6 volts (4 x AA) or adapter)
Dimensions (whd): 17.8 x 10.,5 x 3.3 cm
Weight: 700 grams, incl batteries





What was broadcast 1983?


Listen to "O grande amor", by Stan Getz, recorded on February 18, 1983 in Stockholm


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