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Compact world receiver
In black plastic housing with touch controls. This is type 1: suitable for reception on FM (76-108 MHz) and on AM (150-29995 kHz). A telescopic antenna is fitted in the left side, as well as a connection for a recording device (rec. out) and a sensitivity switch (DX/Local). The radio also has a built-in ferrite antenna. On the right side is a carrying strap, a connection for a stereo earphone (18Ω), a tone switch (music/news), the volume knob and the connection for an external power supply. At the top is a small knob that can be used to switch the scale lighting on. When the button is released, the scale lighting dims again. The main switch for the power supply is also on the top. In the battery compartment there is a bandwidth switch (9/10 kHz). This sets the step size when searching for stations. The 8Ω speaker is 6.6 x 3.5 cm, output 250 mW (with 10% harmonic distortion).
A frequency can be entered using the AM and FM buttons and the number keys. E.g. FM -> frequency -> FM (execute). The receiver then tunes to the requested frequency. Stations can be searched manually using the arrow keys. A red tuning light in the upper right hand corner indicates correct tuning. Furthermore, the time and a switch-on time can be set. Ten preset stations can be stored under the number keys.
The original price was fl 500,-
Serial number: 313535
Made in: 1988
Production: 1987-1993
Purchased in: 1987
Voltages: 3 volt (2 x AA or adapter)
Dimensions (whd): 11.8 x 7.1 x 2.4 cm
Weight: 230 grams, including batteries




What was broadcast in 1988?


Listen to "All Blues", by Chet Baker, recorded on April 28, 1988 in Stuttgart


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