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Crystal receiver
Mahogany frame with  a slide coil, wrapped around a cardboard sleeve. A brass slider can moved over the coil by means a large knob. At the top are the connections for headphones, an antenna and a ground, as well as a C. & J. Arrigoni Mic-Met crystal detector, together with a coil holder for an additional coil, which increases the range of the long wave. The receiver is wired with square wire. It is probably a home made device, used to listen to station 5XX in Chelmsford. This station started regular broadcasts in June 1924.
The C. & J. Arrigoni & Co. Mic-Met crystal detector consists of a cats whisker and crystal detector in a glass enclosure with nickel plated brass fittings. The position of the cats whisker can be altered by turning the small threaded screw which in turn moves the whisker closer or further away from the crystal. Both the crystal and the whisker can be removed from the glass enclosure by unscrewing the larger threaded knurled fittings either end. The name Mic-Met was derived from the word micrometrical. The original price of the detector was 6 shilling (postal order form).
For reception on medium wave and long wave.
Serial number: none
Dimensions whd): 10.1  18.5 15 cm
Made in: 1924
Purchased in: 2015
Weight:  kg


What was broadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Just Like A Beautiful Story" by the Romaine Dance Orchestra, recorded November 19, 1924

Top view Advertisement in "The Wireless Constructor", December 1924
From left to right: the C. & J. Arrigoni Mic-Met crystal detector, the shaft of the slider and the coil holder.  

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