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Miniature TRF transistor receiver
In white and black plastic case with white knobs. The pointer knob on the left can be used to switch the radio on and off (red dot: on, white dot: off). This knob can be removed when the pointer is set against the yellow dot. Under the knob is the battery compartment for the recharchable type д-0,06 battery (1,25 volts). A connection for an earphone is situated above the on/off switch. The wave lenght switch is on the right hand side. There is no volume control.
The radio has six germanium transistors, type ГТ310Б (GT310B) and can operate on medium wave (187-571 meters) and long wave (735-2000 meters). There is also a 5 transistor model. All the resistors and most of the capacitors are thin film type. It has a built-in ferrite rod aerial.
The maximum output power is 50 mW; power consumption is 4mA, sensitivity 35 mV/m. It has 3 HF stages and 2 LF stages.
The receiver was designed in 1964 and produced a year later by Angstrem in Zelenograd near Moscow. Since 1966 it was commercially produced in the Minsk Radio Works.
Data  Transistors
Serial number: 68041234
Made in: 1968
Production: 1966-1970
Purchased in: 2015
Sold in: 2022
Voltage: 1.25 V
width 4.34 cm
height 3 cm
depth 0.85 cm (1.78 cm including knobs)
Weight: 27 grams

 6 x ГТ310Б (GT310B)

User manual and circuit

What was broadcast in 1966?


Listen to "Instrumental Piece no2" by the Rokoko Ensemble, issued as flexi disk in the music magazine Кругозор 1966 №8"

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