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Miniature transistor radio
With beige and white plastic casing and white, perforated front with metal frame. On the right side are the on/off/volume knob and the tuning knob and in the left side are sockets for headphones and an external antenna. At the top of the housing is a metal carrying chain. At the back are the battery compartment and the wavelength switch. A charger for two button cells (type д-0,1, 1.25 volts) and a leather pouch were included. Extra batteries and earphones were optional.

Advertisement for the Orljonok


Charger "Kosmos" for both button cells

Orljonok is Russian for "Eaglet"; it was also the name of a communist youth movement.
The radio has seven germanium transistors and receives the medium wave (187-571 meters) and long wave (735-2000 meters). Later versions (like this one) had a transformerless output stage.
The nominal output power is 40 mW and the frequency range is 800 to 2500 Hz.
The receiver was made by Sarapoul Orjonikidze Radio Works. This factory was founded in 1941 as "Orjonikidze Radio Works No. 203".
In West-Germany the radio was sold for 120 DM.
Data Transistors
Serial number: 45430
Made in: 1968
Production: 1966-1970
Purchased in: 2014
Voltages: 2 x 1.25 V
Dimensions (whd): 5.8 8.4 2.8 cm
Weight: 180 grams
Sensitivity: MG 3 mV/m, LG 5 mV/m
Circuits: AM 5 (2 capacitive)
Intermediate frequency: 465 kHz
Quiescent current: 15 mA

GT309A (2 x), GT309B, MGT109B (2 x), GT108B (2 x)

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What was broadcast in 1966?


Listen to "Лариса Мондрус твист c кocmoнавтами" (Larissa Mondrus "twists" with cosmonauts), singing among a number of Russian cosmonauts, with i.a. Yuri Gagarin, in Ostankino on January 1st, 1966

The interior of the radio

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