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Superheterodyne receiver
Wide, sturdy cabinet, veneered with walnut veneer. The front is decorated with two glass panels, on the left an old sailing ship and a map of the Netherlands and on the right a smaller ship, an Indian prahu, and a map of the East-Indian Archipelago. These glass panels, which symbolize the bond between the Netherlands and the former Dutch East Indies, are illuminated from above by scale lamps.
The large glass station scale, which is illuminated at the top by two scale lights is located under the hinged lid. A world map is attached to the inside of this lid.
On the front are the on/off/volume knob and the tuning knob.
A number of controls are also arranged in the sides of the radio. On the right side, the wavelength switch (long, medium and short), in the left side, tone control and an "energy-saving switch". This switch has a triple function. The two scale lights and the two lights illuminating the glass panels can be switched off, but at the same time the anode voltage is lowered. At the rear there are connections for antenna and earth, an extra loudspeaker and a gramophone. The loudspeaker is a robust Philips 9682 with sound diffuser.
The receiving range is: short wave (13.8-51 meters), medium wave (175-585 meters) and long wave (708-2000 meters).
The radio is part of the Nobel series.
The orginal price was f 295,-.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 6537
Philips chassisnumber: 163531
Philips license number: 15007
Dimensions (whd): 65.3 x 40.5 x 32.2 cm
Made in: 1941
Given to me in: 2019
Sold in: 2022
Voltages: 110-125-145-200-220-245 V~
Weight: 18.4 kg
Produced (estimated): 2300

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What was broadcast in 1941?


Listen to "In een landerige stemming" ("In a jaded mood") by "The Ramblers", recorded in 1941.

Front with lid closed

The Philips chassis is equipped with 5 tubes (including the tuning indicator). This chassis was also used in the Siera S153A, the Finnish Fenno V42 Sampo and the Swiss Jura 153A.
Type plate, license stickers and chassis number
Under-chassis view
The two glass panels by night

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