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Four valve TRF AC receiver
In black painted cabinet with lid and black and brown marbled "arbolite" front, side and back panels. The front panel bears the name "Crystalphone Radio, Wilhelminastr. 36, Breda, Tel. 1369". The receiver was made by (or for) this radio shop. The Waldorp Block System (high-frequency block, valve block and power block), which was launched in 1929, was used in this receiver. The knobs from left to right: primary tuning, volume control in steps, wavelength switch, reaction control, secondary tuning. An antenna, earth, a gramophone and a loudspeaker can be connected at the back.
Data Valves  
Serial numbers: valve block: 40677
power block: 30882
high-frequency block:
Dimensions (hwd): 24.5  56.5  33.5 cm
Made in: 1930
Puchased in: 2015
Voltage: 220 V ~
Weight: 13 kg

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Replacement circuit

What was broadcast in 1930?


Listen to "My Love Parade" by Pete Mandell and his Orchestra, recorded on April 17, 1930.

A look inside  Advertisement in the Bredasche Courant of January 17, 1930
On the right the Waldorp power block, with a 1823 rectifier. Above, the valve block with the valves E446 (that has to be replaced by a E442), E424 and C453. Below the HF block. The tuning capacitors (500 pF) are Indigraphs by Igranic, the LF transformer is by BTB, probably a brand name of Bell.
The chassis of the valve block.
On the left the gramophone jack, on the right the loudspeaker capacitor and choke coil.
The power block (side view)
The block capacitors must have been rather rather hot at the end of their life span, as can be seen by the dark spot. New capacitors have been placed inside the old ones. Above, the binding posts for the different currents. A power cord can be connected on the right.
The power block (top view)
On the right, the rectifier valve holder and the choke coil, on the left of the valve holder, the resistor for the detector current, four block capacitors and two wire-wound resistors.
Advertisement for the Waldorp block system in magazine Radio Expres, December 27, 1929 Advertisement for the Igranic Indigraph tuning knob in Radio Wereld, March 21, 1929 Advertisement for the Waldorp block system in newspaper Het Volk, February 15, 1930

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