Harophone Type I
  AC receiver
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Three valve (+ rectifier) AC receiver
In oak cabinet with coloured pertinax front. The gold coloured "Harophone" print between both tuning knobs has faded. For medium and long wave. One HF, one detecor and one LF valve. The radio was made by the Waldorp factory in The Hague. It may be a Harophone WP or a Harophone kit. Advertisements for this kit were placed in the VARA radio guide (see advertisement below).
The knobs from left to right: selector switch for volume control in steps, primairy tuning, wave length switch (two positions for medium wave and long wave), secondary tuning, reaction control.
Data Valves Circuit
Serial number: Cabinet 50693, later changed to 50793, chassis 3114
Dimensions (whd): 48.5  28.5  28.5 cm
Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2011
Voltage: 125 volt ~

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What was broadcast 1930?


Listen to "Dancing on the Ceiling" by the orchestra of Van Phillips, vocals by Maurice Elwin, recorded November 12, 1930

Top view

Under-chassis view
Advertisement for the Harophone radio kit in VARA radio guide, August 16th, 1930

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