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HARO started in 1926 in Smitsstraat 153 in The Hague. The company sold its radios using a number of agents. In Amsterdam, Harophone was represented by the Amsterdamsche Radio-Onderneming. For some time there seems to have been a cooperation between HARO and Radio-Technisch Bureau Broadcast, also from The Hague. In several ads, Broadcast advertised Harophone radios, and in an article in newspaper Het Vaderland of November 10th, 1928 (above), it is stated that Broadcast is the maker of Harophone receivers. HARO was probably a wholesale organisation and not really a manufacturer.
Radio-Technisch Bureau F. Hofenk in Leeuwarden was the representative for the northern provinces.
A number of different models were made: Type I, II, III, IV, V, VI and G, all based on the four-valve Type I, but with different cabinets, as well as three short wave receivers Type 1a (with 2, 3 and 4 tubes). A less expensive model, based on Type I was made using the name "Populair". Another model, based on Type I was Type G, described as: "Like Type I, but with better components and an elegant cabinet". Later the AC models W and WP and the Harophone-Solodyne were developed. In 1930 a kit was introduced, based on the WP, maybe in an effort to get rid of a residual quantity of radios.

Radios were produced until 1930. Later models were made by Waldorp, The Hague.



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