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Three valve battery receiver
Oak cabinet with ebonite front and knobs. For medium wave and long wave. Probably made by Ward & Goldstone Ltd., Pendleton, Manchester. Gamage also sold a one valve and a two valve set, in an almost identical cabinet. The antenna coil had to be rewound. The volume control knob operates a thin metal plate that is situated between the antenna coil and the feedback coil.
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Dimensions (whd): 34 16 17 cm
Made in: 1926
Purchased in: 2007
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What was broadcast in 1926?


Listen to "I've never seen a straight banana" by the orchestra of Stan Greening, sung by Maurice Elwin, recorded on November 25, 1926

Binding posts for the loudspeaker, phones, batteries, aerial and earth.
Left the detector; in the middle and on the right two lf tubes.
In the middle the antenna coil; behind it the feedback coil. Between both coils a thin metal plate is visible. This metal plate can be turned left and right and acts as volume control. Left and right two lf transformers (1:5 and 1:3).
Text on the inside of the lid.
A large number of these radios were offered to the wholesale market in this advertisement of Arthur G. Herod & Co. in The Wireless and Gramophone Trader of June 14, 1930.
Despite the text "modern wireless sets", it does not appear that this advertisement related to a recently manufactured type of radio. The appearance and technical design are rather old-fashioned for a radio that was offered in 1930.
In this period the demand turned rather quickly to receivers with mains power ("All-Electric" radios).
The price is very low, taking into account that - in case of the three-valve radio - the price of the tubes was 25/6.
A random (brand) name could be placed in a rectangular area at the bottom left of the front.
Below the brand name "Gamages".




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