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In the year 1910, department store A.W. Gamage, Holborn began supplying complete wireless telegraphy sets, to supplement their range of component parts which had been introduced in 1908 to enable the amateur to make up his own equipment. The department store of Arthur Walter Gamage (started in 1878) was one of the few concerns catering specially for the amateur experimenter and all their wireless equipment was made for them by Ward & Goldstone Ltd. of Pendleton, Manchester.
Because of the piecemeal expansion, his department store ended up as a maze of rooms, steps, passages and ramps which Gamage now called the People's Popular Emporium. Children and adults alike experienced something of an adventure as they wandered through the warren in search of bargains. The annual "Christmas Bazaars" were very popular. It offered a very wide selection of goods, including haberdashery, furniture, motorbikes, sporting goods, gardening supplies and utensils, camping equipment and clothing.
The premises closed in March 1972. The frontage on Holborn that was Gamages is now occupied by a W H Smith stationery store.

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