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3-Valve battery receiver

In a Jacobean oak cabinet with two folding doors. In England, these models were called "smoker's cabinet". The radio has an ebony faceplate and knobs made of Bakelite and ebonite. This set is older than the model depicted in the book "Radio! Radio!". That model has only two rheostats, an on/off switch in place of the middle rheostat and a switch in place of the two phone jacks. The Chakophone logo is in a different position on the front.

The upper row of knobs are filament current rheostats. The current of the three valves can be regulated individually. The position switch in the middle can be used to select a tap of the wavelength coil. At the bottom left, a variometer gain control, and at the right a tuning knob with fine tuning. Two telephone jacks are situated below the position switch. These can be used to listen with two or three valves at will. The 90 volt HT battery and the grid bias battery are located in the lower compartment. All terminals are on the back of the cabinet.
The valves (detector + two LF) were probably a PM1 and two PM2s, but in 1925 they may also have been older valves. In advertisements a somewhat smaller valve can be seen in the middle.
Wave range is 250-2000 meters (medium wave and long wave).
The cabinet was made by furniture restorer Ruben Spelbos in Utrecht.
The original price of the receiver in 1925 was 14 2 9 (complete, without loudspeaker). The Marconi royalty was 1 16 6. A mahogany cabinet was 1 extra. In 1926 the radio was sold for 11 17 6. (Complete, with Amplion horn loudspeaker 18 10 0).
More information in the Restoration report.
Data Valves
Serial number: none
Dimensions (whd): 28.3 47 24.7 cm
Voltages: 2, 90 and -4.5 volts
Made in: 1926
Purchased in: 2012

What was broadcast in 1926?


Listen to "Fascinating Rhythm", played by The Savoy Orpheans, recorded on March 26, 1926

The closed cabinet

The back of the radio, with binding posts for the filament battery, the on/off switch and connections for antenna and earth
The back of the radio showing the chassis

The Chakophone 1B in a Catalogue of Radio Receiving Sets, Amplifiers, Components and Accessories. (Courtesy of valve-radio.co.uk)

Advertisements in The Wireless World, November 10th, 1926 (left) and December 1st, 1926

Chakophone 1B with Amplion Dragon AR111 loudspeaker

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