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Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd. was started in 1911, by a take over of Eagle Works in Saltisford, Warwick, before that in the hands of William Glover & Sons, wheelwrights and tools factory.

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In 1919-1920, not far from there, Champ Kay and Company was started by Guy Henry Champ and his partner George Osborne Ernest Kay. The company offered repairs and overhauls to motor car lighting and starting sets and recharging batteries (having the Exide battery agency).
Eagle Engineering Co. Ltd. factory in 1921
In 1922 Champ and Kay started operating wireless installations, offered the supply of parts and, as reported in the local press, operated a receiving station for customers, so they could hear wireless broadcasts.
In the January of 1923 it was announced that Messrs Champ and Kay & Co. decided to throw in their lot with The Eagle Engineering Company, just up the road from where Champ and Kay had been operating. In Eagle Works they were absorbed into a Electrical and Wireless department supplying any requirements electrically, lighting sets, maintain the Exide battery service and produce Chakophone wireless sets. The offices of Eagle Wireless Suppy Co. Ltd. were at 8 Great Russell Street, London, W.C.1.
The Eagle Engineering Company was an all-round manufacturer of vehicle bodies and every type of trade’s man employed, so manufacturing wireless sets was easy for them to adapt.
During the period 1923 to around 1936, they produced a wide range of Chakophone wireless sets that were manufactured in Eagle Works and in the later days in a former Brewery building at the rear of Eagle Works, up to the winding up of the wireless department in 1936, when manufacturing of Chakophone wireless sets ended.
During the period 1923 to the early 1930’s Eagle Engineering Co. Ltd attended the Wireless Shows in London displaying their products as did many other similar companies of the day.
Not much is known about the later life of Mr Kay, other then that he moved to Birmingham. Mr Champ, well known at the time, set up a retail shop in Smith Street, Warwick, called The Eagle Wireless Supply Co. Ltd, where he sold Murphy radios, having the agency.
Sadly the journey ends with the death of Mr Champ on the 31st March 1951.
(With many thanks to Andrew Humphriss for a large part of the story)

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