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Superheterodyne receiver
With grey lacquered Bakelite cabinet, white front and station scale and white knobs. A small but very complete receiver with five tubes. The simple and sleek design of the radio is derived from that of the Braun SK1, designed by Artur Braun and Fritz Eichler in 1955. In this model, functional aesthetics and user friendliness are combined. There was a big difference between this radio and other models of that era, with rounder shapes in dark wood or Bakelite, often decorated with gold coloured rims and motives. Fritz Eichler worked for Braun from 1955 until 1978.
The edge of the station scale is also the dial. Under the dial, on the left, the on/off/volume control knob and on the right the wavelength switch. At the rear there is a tone control knob, and connections for a 300 ohm antenna, earth and gramophone.
The radio receives on medium wave and FM (515-1620 kHz and 87.5-104 mHz)
Data Valves
Serial number 122793
Made in: 1958 (June 13th on the transformer)
Production: 1955-1960
Purchased in: 1959
Voltages: 115, 150 en 220 Volts ~
Dimensions (w×h×d): 23,8 × 15,4 × 13 cm
Weight: 3,4 kg
Circuits: 6 AM, 9 FM
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What was broadcast in 1958?


Listen to "Venga Venga Musica", sung by Peter Alexander, recorded in 1958

Top of the chassis
A look under the chassis

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