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   Four-valve receiver
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Battery operated four-valve TRF receiver
Front made of nickel plated metal sheet. The robust cabinet is made of solid oak wood. In the middle a lever that acts as wavelength switch (medium and long wave) and also operates a masking plate in front of the two small windows. In the "low" position, the radio is off and both windows are covered. On the left a rheostat for the filament of the hf tube; on the right the feedback knob. Tuning knobs are situated on the left and right hand sides of the cabinet.
Data Valves  
Serial number: none
Dimensions: 26,5 47 24 cm
Made in: 1928
Purchased in: 2008
Voltages: 4 / 60 / 120 V
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What was broadcast in 1928?


Listen to "What'll You Do" by the orchestra of Tommy Kinsman, vocals by Maurice Elwin, recorded March 29, 1928

Tubes from left to right: B405, A415, A425, Splendor VH300 (Philips A442 equivalent). Original tubes are not known. Tuning is carried out using the secondary tuning knob; the primary tuning knob turns with the secondary knob. The primary tuning knob has some clearance, this range is used for antenna tuning, after secondary tuning. The oak cabinet is constructed using tapered groove joints.
Two views of the chassis  

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