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Lucas Verwer was born on October 4, 1892 in Nieuwolda, Groningen (in Groningen pronounced as Nijwolde). He died on Tuesday the 18th of May, 1943 also in Nieuwolda, 51 years old. "Radio dealer" is mentioned as occupation at the Registry Office. The address of the workshop was Hoofdweg 36.
The Verwers were real inventors. Verwer owned a workshop where he made stationary engines but also made radios, together with his brother. They also developed, repaired and tuned accordions.
From their home in Nieuwolda, they maintained wire broadcasting for the neighbourhood, using the low-voltage network, with the help of his brother-in-law, who worked there.
The company continued as garage, selling tractors and Volvo passenger cars. In went bankrupt in 2014.
The workshop behind his house, 1928
Lucas Verwer (in the doorway), in front of the window, his brother Rento. On the right, Verwers parents. In the shop window we can see Philips radio valves. Above the window a plate with the name of the "Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek" (NSF), a radio factory, is visible. Verwer was an agent for this brand.
Lucas Verwer and his motor bike Lucas Verwer and his accordion
At a young age Lucas, and his brother Rento, owned an Indian motor cycle. Lucas also made stationary engines. In September 2003 an example from the year 1912 (used for the production of electricity) was shown in the Industrion, the Museum for Industry and Society in Kerkrade. The lathe from the Verver workshop was also shown there. Verwer also developed a twin toned accordion. Playing one tone resulted in eight instead of four valves opening. The accordion, as well as the description of the system were lost at the end of the war, when the village was liberated by Polish paratroopers. Unfortunately the paratroopers cracked the safe where the accordion was kept and stole the instrument as well as the description of the system.
With many thanks to TC. Kok-Verwer, nice of Lucas Verwer.


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