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Three valve (+rectifier) AC receiver
With blue crackle painted metal front plate. Between the two tuning scales is a gold-coloured print with the word "Ronofoon". For medium wave and long wave. Equipped with a rectifier, a high frequency tube, a detector and a low-frequency tube.
The radio was made by the Waldorp company in The Hague. It has a Philips license sticker.
The knobs from left to right: position switch for volume control (see information below), primary tuning, wavelength switch (two medium wave ranges and long wave), secondary tuning, feedback. At the rear, connections for a loudspeaker, a gramophone, a ground and an antenna.
The chassis above was originally part of a cabinet. The standard version can be seen on the right. (Radio: Carl Schniermanni)
The original price was f 230,-
The first four positions of the volume control knob are connected to the coupling coil taps; in the last position the coupling coil is bridged. In this position, the switch is connected to the output of the left-hand coil block. Only the tuned circuit is parallel. Sensitivity is then optimal.
Data Valves Circuit
Serial number: 80258 license 29935
Dimensions (whd): 39  18.5  22 cm
Cabinet: 47 x 23 x 24.5 cm
Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2018
Voltage: 220 volt ~


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What was broadcast in 1930?


Listen to "Crazy Pirouette" by Stan Greening and his Orchestra, recorded on February 6, 1930

Top view
The chassis has a Philips license plate on the back of the front plate.
The primary tuning coil
On the left the position switch for the volume, the tuning capacitor and the coils for long and medium wave. The beautifully wound honeycomb coil is the coupling coil.
Advertisement in BORN, July 11, 1930
Probably to show how high the license was that had to be paid to Philips, Van Roon explicitly mentions the price of the radio with and without license in this advertisement.

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