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Van Roon & Co. was a Vlaardingen based company that initially traded in bicycles. The store was located at the Hoogstraat. In the spring of 1933 the construction of a garage in the 2e Leijden Gaelstraat 18 started. In the course of 1934 the building was further expanded with offices and showrooms.
For a number of years Van Roon also sold radios, manufactured under the brand name Ronofoon. The chassis were made by the Waldorp company in The Hague.
Radios were sold in the same way as bicycles. Cornelis and his brother Jan van Roon drove through the surroundings of Vlaardingen by bike to sell bicycles and radios. They covered large parts of Zuidholland, Zeeland and Brabant.
During the Second World War, 550 Ronofoon radios were handed in in the year 1943.
On the right an advertisement for a Ronofoon radio in  newspaper "De Zeeuw" of November 16, 1929.

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