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Battery operated four-valve TRF receiver
Ebonite front and oak cabinet in art deco (Amsterdam School) style. The cabinet has a hinged lid and three black legs on both sides. A protruding drawer holds a complete set of coils and other material. The radio was made by a small semi-professional workshop, as can be seen by the materials used.
On the upper left a threefold coil base is visible. Below the coil base, two tuning knobs (the left one is used for antenna tuning), between the two knobs a switch that can be used for frequencies above 2000 meters. On the right three rheostats. Below the rheostats sockets for headset or loudspeaker(s). An on/off switch is situated above the middle rheostat. A cord set for the different voltages is situated at the back.
 Data Valves  
Serial number: 52
Dimensions: 35 × 50.5 × 27.5 cm
Made in: ±1926
Purchased in: 2008
Voltages: 4 / 45 / 90 V

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What was broadcast in 1926?


Listen to "Fascinating Rhythm", by the Percival Mackey Orchestra, vocals Monty Woolf, recorded March 19, 1926

A look inside
Tubes from left to right: Philips A410, A409, A415, B406. Transformers were made by German firm Körting; resistor and condensers were made in the USA by Megamold (Brooklyn, New York). Both variable condensers were made in Germany, but also bear the logo of Teva, N.V. Maatschappij voor Technische Verbruiksartikelen, Amsterdam.
Guarantee label Side view of the receiver

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