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Superheterodyne receiver
Compact radio made of ivory coloured polystyrene with three transparent plastic knobs. Because of the large dial, the loudspeaker had to move to the rear of the receiver. A perforated gold coloured metal sheet is visible behind the scale. Behind the station names, this sheet is painted black for better visibility. A scale lamp illuminates the Radialva logo and the scale. In order to make these radios work on 220/230 volts, special plugs were made with a built-in wire-wound resistor.
Medium wave (190-580 meters), long wave (1000-2000 meters), short wave (17-51 meters) and an extra spread 50 meter band (46-51 meters).
Many French radios in that period had a continental and a colonial version for the French overseas colonies. In these models the long wave band was replaced by an extra short wave band.
The first models were introduced in 1951. In the 1953 model, a ferroceptor was added in an area below the chassis.
Data Valves
Serial number: 109988
Dimensions (whd): 22.5  14 9.5  cm
Made in: 1952
Purchased in: 2013
Weight: 1.8 kg
Voltage: 117 volt

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What was broadcast in 1952?


Listen to "On the Sunny Side of the Street" by Don Byas (ts) and his Orchestra with Christian Chevalier (p), Geo Daly (vib), Pierre Michelot (b) and Richie Frost (d), recorded July 12, 1952 in Paris

Upper part of the chassis with the loudspeaker removed
Lower part of the chassis with the loudspeaker removed

Advertisement for the Radialva Super Clips

Part of a Radialva leaflet with information about the Super Clips from 1952.

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