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Portable battery receiver
Made of mint green polystyrene and gold coloured plexiglass front and knobs. With built-in ferroceptor. The first version of the receiver was introduced in 1953. The loudspeaker has a diameter of 13 cm. The receiver is also called Foxalito 57.

Antenna and earth can be connected at the rear.
For medium wave (187-580 meters), long wave (700-2100 meters) and short wave (13.5-50 meters).
The knobs from left to right: on/off/volume, wave length switch, tuning.
A Foxalito network adapter fits into the battery compartment of the 67.5 volt battery, allowing the radio to be used on the mains. A Pilfox is a somewhat cheaper solution. This adapter only provides the high voltage from the mains; the batteries for the filament current have to remain in the radio.
As an accessory, a separate telescope antenna could be purchased for better reception on short wave. A carrying bag with zipper was also an accessory.
The original price was FFr 14700. The Pilfox cost FFr 1950, the Foxalite 4800 FFr, the telescopic antenna 1500 FFr and the carrying bag FFr 950.
Data Valves
Serial number: 63493
Dimensions (w×h×d): 24 × 16 × 6.5  cm
Made in: 1956/1957
Purchased in: 2018
Weight: 1.15 kg
Voltages: 3/67,5 volts
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What was broadcast in 1957?


Listen to "Night in Tunesia" by the Barney Wilen Quartet. Barney Wilen (ts), Maurice Vander (p), Gilbert "Bibi" Rovère (b), Al Levitt (d). Recorded in Paris on January 7,1957

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