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Superheterodyne transistor radio
"Jewel case" model made of wood, covered with polyester in two colours, black/grey and marbled crème, chromed metal front. With medium wave and long wave. Battery: 9 volts PP9. Built-in ferrite antenna. Six transistors; later models have seven transistors. The radio switches on when the lid is opened.
Serial number 257596
Dimensions (h×w×d) 21,5 × 28,5 × 10,5 cm
Made in 1960
Purchased in 2010
What was broadcast in 1960?

Listen to "Man of Mystery" by The Shadows, recorded in 1960

The closed case
The built-in ferrite antenna can be seen below. On top the wiring panel with the six transistors.



Transistor with "yellow circle", made by Newmarket Transistors (NKT), subsidiary of Pye.
Newmarket Transistors Ltd., usually referred to as NKT, and located in Newmarket, Suffolk, was a small UK manufacturer of germanium transistors in the 1950's and 1960's. The original company "The Transistor Development Company" was formed in December 1953 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pye Ltd., to manufacture small signal low frequency germanium transistors for use in portable radios. In 1957 the company name was changed to "The Newmarket Transistor Company" and in 1958, it was changed again to "Newmarket Transistors Ltd". Newmarket did not make any point-contact transistors, their first commercial products were junction types released in 1956. Intriguingly, they were true to their name and probably never made a single diode. Their logo seems to have changed a few times, possibly with the name changes, although they never printed a stylised logo on their transistors, the earliest types having no branding at all, and the later ones using the 'NKT' prefix.

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