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Four valve superheterodyne battery receiver
Made by Societé des Etablissements Péricaud (SEP), Paris. 1st stage: triple grid (trigrille, DARIO R69) oscillator and mixer, 2nd stage: another trigrille, (most probably another (Cyrnos) R69) triple grid intermediate frequency amplifier, 3rd stage: triode (R78?, now A410) grid leak detector, 4th stage: pentode (DARIO R79) audio amplifier. "Transformateur" with switch (GO/PO). Wooden case with blue linen cover and black metal front. The original price was 700 Francs.
More about the R69 trigrille
As far as I know, this Dario tube has only been made for a few years, with a rather dubious 1st grid. The tube has four pins and two extra pins at the side, one extra for the extra first grid and one for the 3rd grid. The extra grid G1 (connected to a positive voltage) was supposed to give some extra emission by reducing the space charge. Péricaud used these valves in some of its Trisodyne models as some sort of unique selling stunt, but in fact is was all humbug, and production stopped after a year... To overcome replacement problems, the valves could in most cases be substituted by a normal "bigrille" without loss of functionality (Not in case of the first R69). Of course, with some modifications, even a simple triode can be used as a Tropadyne Mixer/Oscillator.
Data Valves
Serial number: BP1254
Dimensions (w×h×d): 25 × 37 × 22  cm
Made in: 1928
Purchased in: 2006
Sold in: 2009
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What was broadcast in 1928?


Listen to "Amour De Gitane", by Jean Vaissade (acc), "Jiango Renard" (g), Francesco Cariolato (xyl), recorded in Paris in June 1928

The antenna coil (left) is missing.
From left to right: lf transformer, tuning capacitor, by-pass condenser,  2nd intermediate frequency transformer, volume control, antenna capacitor, 1st intermediate frequency transformer.
Advertisement in Le Haut Parleur October 28, 1928
"Transformateur" with switch (MW/LW) oscillator coil Advertisement for the Trisodyne radios made by Péricaud

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