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The Kennedy type 220 Intermediate Wave Receiver

A regenerative single tube receiver that was built by the Colin B. Kennedy Company. The receiver covers from about 175 meters to 3250 meters and uses an Armstrong three-circuit regenerative detector design. Radio sets were sold in sections by early manufacturers. First the detector section, like the 220, was bought, then the amplifier section, to increase the audio output. This gave the choice of using headphones or a horn speaker. This was popular from 1920-1922. The 220 receiver could be purchased with a matching type 525 amplifier. The pair originally sold for over $200 when introduced in 1921. Quality is apparent with the silver plated dials on a formica* panel, that is machine engraved. The radio is housed in a solid walnut cabinet.
Formica was invented in Cincinnati in 1913 by two young men, Herbert Faber and Daniel O'Conor. It was intended to serve as an electrical insulator and was created as a replacement for Mica, which was used for that purpose at the time. Hence the name 'for mica'.
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Dimensions (whd): 37 33 21,5 cm
Made in: 1921
Purchased in: 2006
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What was broadcast in 1921?


Listen to "Bamboo Isle" by the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra, recorded July 1921

Side view
Left: the Kennedy 220 ready for use. Above: a Kennedy 220 with 525 amplifier unit.
Advertisement in Radio Amateur News, October 1921

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