Harophone Type I
  AC receiver
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Battery operated four-valve TRF receiver
for reception on medium and long wave. One h.f., one detector and two l.f. valves. The radio was made in a large number of versions: as type II with doors and as type III as a low boy cabinet (see pictures below). The price was f 120,-, not including valves and batteries. Model II cost f 145,- and model III f 160,-
The versions IV (de-luxe version of type I), V (low boy cabinet with doors) and VI  (In Queen Anne cabinet) were up-market versions.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 28420
Dimensions: (whd) 50,5  26,5  26 cm
Made in: 1927-1929
Purchased in: 2008
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What was broadcast in 1927?


Listen to the "Phohi March" by the Phohi Orchestra, leader Lou Cohen, recorded in 1927



Binding posts from left to right: LS - and +, B voltages + and -, A voltages + and -, +60, Earth, Short antenna, Long antenna
Pictures from a catalogue of the Amsterdamse Radio Onderneming (W. Brink), the Harophone representative in Amsterdam.
Advertisement in Radio Wereld 1927
Pictures from the Harophone catalogue of the Amsterdamse Radio-Onderneming (W. Brink)
Advertisement in Radio Expres, 1928

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