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Portable receiver for mains or batteries
Wooden cabinet, covered with black artificial leather. Plastic front with gold coloured ornament showing the name Grammont. Front and back have hinged panels that can be removed. The radio has a sturdy grip and a telescope antenna on top. A gramophone connection is situated in the back of the chassis.
Knobs from left to right: power switch (mains/off/batteries/batteries economy), volume control, tuning, wave length switch.

The receiver can be used on 110-130 and 220-235 volts AC or two batteries (90-102 volts) and 4.5 volts. When operating on 220 volts its is advised to remove the back panel in order to decrease heat build-up. The scale lamp only works when using 110 volts AC.

Wave lengths: short wave (21-61 meters), medium wave (180-575 meters) and long wave (800-2000 meters). There is also a band spread switch that covers 45 to 52 meters.
Serial number 5238
Dimensions (w×h×d): 32 × 25 × 14 cm
Made in: 1954
Purchased in: 2010
Sold in: 2022
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What was broadcast in 1955?


Listen to "Paris je t'aime" by Gus Viseur (acc), with Boulou Ferré (g) and Roger Paraboschi (d), recorded in Parijs, May 3, 1955

By inserting a plug, the mains voltage can be changed from 110-130 volts to 220-235 volts. Batteries and the mains cord can be placed in a compartment below the chassis.

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