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E.C.& A. Grammont; Société des Téléphones was founded in 1914 in Caluire et Cuire, near Lyon. Later on the address is 11 rue Raspail in Malakoff (Hauts-de-Seine) and 41 rue Cantacrel, Paris. In the beginning Grammont made lighting bulbs, later they became well known when they started producing TM (Télégraphie Militaire) radio valves during the First World War. Production started in 1915. Grammont used the brand name Radio Fotos for these valves.

Later, around 1923, Grammont starts making radios.

In the beginning Grammont mainly makes crystal sets. The company is very active between 1930 and 1960. In 1936 Grammont launches the first French television set with 120-240 picture lines.
In the beginning of the sixties Grammont cooperates with a number of other companies like Ribet-Desjardins en Sonneclair.
In 1967 there is a merger between Grammont, Ribet-Desjardins en Sonneclair and the company CGE-Continental-Edison. In 1971  Thomson takes over.

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