Superheterodyne receiver
The radio has medium and long wave. Walnut veneered cabinet with "rising sun". Bakelite dial surround and Bakelite knobs. The dial has printed station names in two colours (black: medium wave (200-575 meters), red: long wave (900-2000 meters)). The receiver has automatic volume control, tone control and an electrodynamic loudspeaker. The intermediate frequency is 108 kHz and the sensitivity on medium wave is 5μV; very high for a 4-valve receiver. The original "Erres" loudspeaker cloth is still intact. The design of the radio is by Otto van Tussenbroek.
A connection for antenna and earth are situated at the back, as well as a connection for a gramophone and an extra loudspeaker.
The celluloid window in front of the dial become opaque. It was replaced by a new window.
The original price was f 137,50. The AC/DC version was the KY151, price f 150. The same radio was also made without loudspeaker as KY147.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 5769
Produced: 5000
Dimensions: 34 45 23 cm
Made in: 1935
Purchased in: 2004
Sold in: 2023

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User manual (in Dutch)

What was broadcast in 1935?


Listen to "Chicago" by Coleman Hawkins and The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded August 26, 1935 in Casino Hamdorff, Laren

Back with back panel

Back with back panel removed
Medium wave stations in black. In the middle of the tuning scale the long wave station names, printed in red. Slightly faded by sunlight.

Erres KY146 leaflet
Advertisement in an extra edition of Radio Expres, Fall 1935

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