TRF receiver
Four-valve AC receiver in dark oak cabinet with built-in speaker, painted black aluminum front with Bakelite knobs. Designed by Otto van Tussenbroek. Built by Van der Heem & Bloemsma, The Hague. The radio was introduced in 1931 and uses the same chassis as the KY108, with only some small modifications.
The knobs from left to right: primary tuning, reaction control, secondary tuning, wavelength switch. Both tuning scales (scale 0-100) are illuminated by a bicycle lamp (6 V, 0.3 A).
A gramophone connector is mounted on the chassis, as well as the earth and aerial sockets. The Philips electromagnetic loudspeaker 2044 is connected with a separate connector, so that an external speaker can be used as well.
The receiver module is mounted in the upper part of the cabinet; the power module is mounted at the bottom. In the left side are volume control, the power switch and the connection to the mains.
Date stamp on the coupling transformer: January 11, 1932.
The original price of the radio was f 195,-.
Data Valves  
Serial number: 85421
Numbers made: unknown
Dimensions (hwd): 90.3 45.5 25.3 cm
Made in: 1932
Purchased in: 2015
Voltage: 220 V

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Replacement circuit

What was broadcast in 1932?


Back with hinged panel
The radio uses the chassis of the KY108. This is clearly visible, when looking at the power supply module, inserted at the bottom. Right (above 506K rectifier, which is mounted upside down, just like in the KY108) we can still see the spot where the power plug could be inserted in the KY108. In the KY113, the power cord connection was moved to the side of the cabinet, as shown below.
The left side of the radio with volume control, power switch and power cord connection
Erres KY113 leaflet

The illuminated scales by night

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