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Coin-operated radio for hotels and hospitals
In cream-colored and white plastic housing. The radio can be attached to the wall above a bed or at the headboard.
Afbeelding uit een advertentie van Dahlberg
The radio is started by depositing a coin (a dime, or a special token made by a hospital or hotel that could be bought). The radio played for about an hour on 1 coin. A maximum of 5 coins could be inserted at a time.
A small speaker can be placed under the pillow so that one can listen in bed. The elongated illuminated scale is positioned upside down so that it can be operated by someone lying down. The device only receives on medium wave. The radio is equipped with a ferrite antenna.
On the front are the tuning knob and the on/off/volume control; at the rear there are two switches, one for noise suppression and one for tone control (treble/bass), an antenna connection and a ground. On the left hand side there is a hook, on which the loudspeaker can be hung when it is not used.
There is also a version with a clock instead of a coin mechanism.
The patent for the radio dates from 1952, the first advertisements are also from that year.
The original price was $225 for a white model and $275 for a mint green one.
The radio is most likely made for Dahlberg by Setchell-Carlson from St Paul, Minnesota. Dahlberg was located in the sister city of St. Paul, Mineapolis. The loudspeaker is probably a Wright-Zimmermann Model 300 Dynamic Reproducer. That company was located in a suburb of Mineapolis, New Brighton.
The radio did not work initially. The two intermediate frequency coils were no longer adjustable, partly because some of the cores were stuck, partly because the trimmers no longer worked due to corrosion of the thin silver layer. The coils were eventually provided with external trimmers, and were adjusted again at 470 Kc.
Data Valves
Serial number: 41377
Dmensions (whd): 34 21 13 cm
Voltages: 115 volt ~
Made in: 1952
Purchased in: 2019
Weight: 2 kg
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What was broadcast in 1952?


Listen to "Laird Baird" by Charlie Parker (as), Hank Jones (p), Teddy Kotick (b), Max Roach (d) recorded in 1952

Top view of the chassis with coin mechanism and pillow speaker
Onderzijde van het chassis

In 1949 an earlier model was introduced: the Dahlberg 49-6

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