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Kenneth H. Dahlberg (30 June 1917 - 4 October 2011) was a pilot during the Second World War, but before the war he worked in the hotel business. After the war he did not want to return there but joined the company Telex, which manufactured hearing aids.
In 1948 he left Telex and founded his own company: Dahlberg Company, together with his brother. The company also started making hearing aids, including "The Miracle Ear". The address of the company was Golden Valley, Minneapolis 22, Minn.

Given his hotel background, it seemed a good idea to start earning money with coin-operated hotel equipment. Already there were air-conditioners, fans and massage beds in hotels that worked that way. He designed a radio that could be attached to the head post of a bed with a loudspeaker that could be placed under the pillow and sold them to hotels, motels and hospitals.
The Dahlberg Pillow Speaker radios were probably made at Setchell-Carlston in St. Paul, Minnesota.
In the beginning of the fifties of the last century, several types were introduced to the market, but in the following years no new models appeared and the company again concentrated on making hearing aids.  
He was one of the first to use transistors in hearing aids.
In 1994 Dahlberg sold his company to Bausch & Lomb. After that, he still acted as financier of young businesses with his company Carefree Capital.

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