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Crystal receiver with double crystal

In mahogany box with lid. The controls on the ebonite front plate from left to right: terminals for antenna and earth, the tuning knob, a series/parallel switch, a switch for selecting crystal 1 or 2, both crystals and connections for headphones. The name "Radiola" is printed on the front of the box; the BTH logo on the top of the lid and the BBC logo on the front of the lid.

The first version of the receiver is from 1923. In 1924 the brand name "Radiola" was added. The radio was sold until 1925.
The set cost 4 15s (+1s extra BBC Tariff), including a 4000 ohm BTH set of headphones.
Dimensions (w h d): 28.6 21.6 13.3 cm Circuit
Made in: 1924  
Purchased in: 2019  

What was broadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Bagdad" by the Romaine Dance Orchestra, recorded on November 25, 1924

Front with BBC logo
A look inside
Advertisement with almost the complete BTH product range in Modern Wireless, May 1924

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