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Crystal receiver

In walnut box with flip up lid. The controls on the ebonite front plate: on the left connection points for antenna and earth and a wavelength switch with the positions 1 (303-315 meters) and 2 (315-495 meters). In the middle the crystal and the tuning knob of the variometer (0-180 degrees) and on the right the connection points for a headphone. The name "Radiola" and the BBC logo are placed on the front of the box.

The instructions for use and a tuning indication for the use of an antenna of 30 meters are fitted under the lid.
The first version is from 1923. In 1924 the brand name "Radiola" was added. The device was sold until 1925.
GPO reg. no. 861.
The price of the set was 3 10s (+1s extra BBC Tariff), including a set of 4000 ohm BTH headphones.
Type plate: Type: C Form: B No: R    
Dimensions (whd): 14 18 12.2 cm    
Made in: 1924    
Purchased in: 2018    
Sold in: 2023    

What was broadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Go 'Long Mule", by The Romaine Dance Orchestra, sung by George Baker, recorded on November 5, 1924

Front with BBC logo and the brand name "Radiola" on the lid
Type plate
Advertisement with almost the complete BTH product range in Modern Wireless, May 1924

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