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Portable battery receiver
In light grey plastic cabinet with carrying handle. The controls and the tuning scale are on the top of the receiver.
The radio has medium wave (200-535 meters), long wave (940-2040 meters) and the trawler band (80-204 meters). The export model has two shortwave ranges instead of the trawler band. The device is equipped with 7 transistors and a ferrite antenna. A gramophone and an additional speaker can be connected on the left side and on the right side an external antenna.
The radio is powered by 6 1.5 volt D batteries.
The receiver was made in the colours elf green, fjord blue, dune yellow, sky gray and speckled red.
Serial number: 581819
Dimensions (w×h×d): 30 × 18 × 9.5 cm
Weight: 3450 grams, including batteries
Voltages: 9 volt -
Made in: 1962
Purchased in in: 2020

What was broadcast in 1962?


Listen to "Varje stjärna i det blå" sung by Gitte Hænning, recorded in 1962

Top view
Knobs and push-buttons from left to right: volume control, bass control, on/off, long wave, medium wave, trawler band, external antenna on/off (the ferrite antenna is then turned off), treble control, tuning.
Front of the chassis
At the bottom right is the battery compartment, with a flywheel above it, used for tuning.
Back of the chassis

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