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Portable AC and battery receiver
Black plastic cabinet with small square holes and an aluminium frame and carrying handle. The top with the two small thumb wheels gives that part of the radio the appearance of a slide rule.
The design is by Jacob Jensen. The radio was produced in the colours white, black and red.
Predecessor of this receiver was the Beolit 400. That radio has no tone filter and does not have and internal AC adapter.
The radio only receives FM: 87.5-104 MHz and has 9 transistors.
The receiver can be equipped with 5 1.5 volt batteries and can also be used on AC (220-240 volts).
Serial number: 426654
Dimensions (whd): 36 22 6 cm
Weight: 2620 grams
Voltages: 7,5 volts - and 220-240 volts ~
Made in: 1972-1975
Purchased in: 2012

What was broadcast in 1972?


Listen to "Venus" by Shocking Blue, recorded in 1972

Top view
From left to right: telescopic antenna, on/off switch, tone switch, AFC switch and volume control. Tuning is achieved by rotating two small thumb wheels, making it look a bit like a slide rule.

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