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Watt Radio is founded in 1924 in Turin in Via Cibrario 39 in the San Donato district on the initiative of Giuseppe Soffietti called Rag. G. Soffietti  & C., by acquiring a factory producing electrical equipment. The activities are primarily focused on the production and sale of spare parts for radios.
In 1928, the company is a limited liability company under the name Watt Radio, Fabbrica Conduttori Elettrici Isolati S.A. From then on the company makes complete radio equipment and in the following year launches model Watt Triumph, followed by the compact model Watt Small. In 1932 the Rapsodo is introduced, a superheterodyne receiver with 8 tubes.
In the thirties, the production of Watt Radio extended to other categories of equipment, such as low frequency amplifiers, photoelectric cells, and electro-acoustic devices such as microphones. Watt Radio is now one of the most important Italian industries in the field of household electronic products.
During World War II the factory is seriously damaged, caused by the bombing of the capital of Piedmont. The activities resumed in 1948, now also in the field of television. In collaboration with RAI it begins with experimental television broadcasts, leading in 1954 to the first broadcast transmissions of Turin Eremor, "Channel C".
In 1958 the company transformed into a limited partnership, the name changes to Watt Radio S.a.s. di G. Soffietti & C., and its head office and factory are moved to a new building in Via Bistagno 10 in the Santa Rita district.
Watt Radio makes the first full-color TV in Italy (which is also present at the "International Exhibition of Radio and Television" in Milan in 1964).
In the seventies, the company is in difficulties, caused by aggressive foreign competition. Shortly thereafter this situation leads to the liquidation of the company.
In 1975 the brand was taken over by Piemonte Elettronica S.r.l. of Alfonso Cassin and Francesco Novarese with headquarters and factory in Brandizzo, Turin, where television sets are produced and in the nineties decoders for pay television.
The company later becomes Watt Radio Srl, located since 2000 in Beinasco. Currently it sells and repairs LCD TVs and LEDs.

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