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In 1930 the company was founded as Tefi-Apparatebau Dr. K. Daniel KG. in Porz bei Köln.
Daniel is experimenting with storing sound on an endless plastic tape by means of a trace system that is also used on gramophone records, a combination of tape recording and gramophone record.
The adjacent pressed-in tracks are scanned by a fixed gramophone needle. The high track density allows a playing time of a few hours, more than with a traditional gramophone record.
In the 1930s, the company is commissioned to produce various prototypes. The system is called Tefifon.

Dr. K. Daniel
After further simplification of the system, the first Tefifon devices for the consumer market are completed in 1950.
The tape is placed inside a cassette and has a playing time of one hour. Later on, larger cassettes were released, with a playing time of 4 hours.

At the end of the 1950s, the company introduced the first stereo cassettes

Tefi also makes radios after the war, such as the small Tefi Zwerg and combinations of radio, record player and Tefifon player. Television sets are also part of the delivery program.

The Tefifon system seems to be successful, but the increasing competition from the ever-evolving market of gramophone records and tape recording devices puts an end to the Tefifon system in the early 1960s and Tefi as a manufacturer. In 1965 Neckermann takes over the company and the products are sold in a closing sale.

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