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Sonora was originally a US manufacturer of chime clocks, founded in 1906 as Sonora Chimes Co. The later logo, a bell, refers to this, as well as the slogan "Clear as a bell." A few years later, Sonora was reincorporated as Sonora Phonograph Company selling gramophones, manufactured by the Swiss company Paillard, but ultimately this activity was stopped due to legal problems.
The company was known for its high quality gramophones. Around 1924, the model line was extended to radios. In 1930 Sonora went bankrupt and was later re-established as Sonora Radio and Television Corp.
In 1932, a branch of the company was founded in France as Sonora SA. In France, the company grew steadily while the parent company in America was not doing well. Initially, the radios were imported from the United States, but from 1933 onwards they were produced in France, in the factory in Puteaux, near Paris, 5 rue the Mairie. The radios were popular in France because of their "American" appearance.
In the middle of the 50s of the last century Sonora merged with Continental Edison. It disappeared in 1957 because of bankruptcies and mergers.

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