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In 1910 Emile Girardeau (1882-1970) founded the SociÚtÚ Franšaise Radio-Úlectrique (S.F.R.) The S.F.R. was involved in the development of radio in a broad sense, but with an emphasis on military use. Before the Second World War, Girardeau focussed on radar research. In 1922  Girardeau was the first Frenchman with a private radio transmitter. Before that, only the French army was involved in broadcasting, using the transmitter on the  Eiffeltower, installed in 1921.
Emille Girardeau
On June 26, 1922 the first radio broadcast of Girardeau's station Radiola was transmitted. On November 6th of that same year regular transmissions started. Radiophonic theatre, news bulletins (mainly sport) and information were the main ingredients.Advertising was not allowed, but sponsoring was: the big French poster company Avenir was one of them. Radiola understood that radio was not only a new form of
Marcel Laporte
communication but also of entertainment. So not only orchestras and singers were invited - performing live - but also comedians, poets and writers. Marcel Laporte, alias "Radiolo" was the first French radio announcer. The station changed its name to Radio Paris in 1924.
Poster 1929 Poster 1927
Anouncing the Radiola radio concerts in 1924

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