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In 1923 Schackow, Leder & Co. was founded in Berlin. In 1933 the company name was changed to Schaleco Radio GmbH.

In the twenties Schaleco was famous for a number of successful models. Among them the four-circuit do-it-yourself kit "Standard Neutro IV" with six valves made in 1927 and a Band filter-Super with 8 valves made in 1932. Radio amateurs were very enthusiastic about these kits.

In 1936 Hans-Joachim Stanienda developed a cheap suitcase receiver and was rewarded with a prize issued by the Wirtschaftsstelle Deutscher Rundfunk-Grosshändler. This radio, the "Deutscher Olympia-Koffer" was made in a limited edition of 3000 receivers that were exclusively made by Schaleco. It is a TRF receiver with good selectivity and sound, thanks to a permanent dynamic loudspeaker.

In the years before the war Schaleco was one of the most important producers of the Volksempfänger and DKE (Deutscher Kleinempfänger), small German receiver).

Massive bombings in 1944 and 1945 stop production. The factory was completely destroyed. After the war Schaleco-Technik concentrated on making electrolytes. It was a sad event that inevitably changed history and ultimately changed the company.


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