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R.R Radio S.A. is founded in Brussels in March 1930 by Messrs Roger Roy and Marc Revol. The address is 10, Impasse de l'Hopital.
In 1934 the company moves to a new factory in Anderlecht, 44-46, Rue des Goujons (see picture below). In 1953 the company moves again, to the Chaussée de Ninove 291.
R.R Radio calls itself "Number one among the Belgian brands". The company logo looks very much like the Rolls-Royce logo.
The company makes beautifully designed and well finished radios until the beginning of the 1950s of the last century. An amplified loop antenna was also part of the product range. RR Radio stops her activities around 1966.

With many thanks to Guido Nys.

Aerial photo (1934) of the new R.R. Radio factory in Anderlecht near Brussels, published in magazine Radio Home.

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