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Havened, The Hague, was a trading company that started selling radios and parts in the year 1925. The official name of the company was "Radio Technisch Handelsbureau Havened".
The company's address was De Carpentierstraat 104 in The Hague in the years 1925 and 1926; at the end of 1926 the address was Mariastraat 34. In 1928 it moved to Acaciastraat 51.
Havened was main representative in The Netherlands of the French firm "Au Pigeon Voyageur" in Paris (founded in 1919 by Georges Dubois). This company used the brand name "Audios". It is unclear whether all radios that have been released in The Netherlands were made in France. The logo of the French brand is identical to the Dutch, but in ads it is stated that the radios were of "solid Dutch make" and
at least a number of receivers was shown in ads with Dutch markings on the front.
Radios were marketed until about 1930. An advertisement from 1932 showed that the last Audios AC radios were sold for f 50, -.

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