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The name Erres was derived from the initials of R.S. Stokvis, of trading-company R.S. Stokvis & Zn in Rotterdam. This trading-company traded technical products since the end of the nineteenth century.
Using the name Erres Radio, Stokvis started selling radios around 1923. An advertisement for the first radio, the one valve receiver Erres 1 (made by NSF), appeared in the radio magazine "Radio-Wereld", that year. For the first series of radios Erres used parts made by different factories: Dutch N.S.F., the English Sterling factory, and later Dutch factories Van der Heem & Bloemsma and Philips. The K.W.S, KY (1928), KY103 and KY104 (1929) were the first AC radios. Erres claimed to have made the first commercial Dutch AC radio with a built-in loudspeaker, the KY107.

In 1926, Van der Heem & Bloemsma is the most important radio maker for Erres. After the recession of 1929, Erres' results decrease and the influence of Philips increases. During 1930-1935 Philips becomes an important share-holder but the factory continues to make radios and televisions, using the Erres brand name, with mainly Philips components. In the mid sixties Philips takes over a large part of Van der Heem. The production of domestic products remains part of Indoheem.

Advertisement 1927

More information see: Van der Heem & Bloemsma
September 1927. Radio exhibition in the Paleis voor Volksvlijt in Amsterdam. The Erres stand with (among others) some KP receivers and a large number of wooden crates  for this receiver.
The exterior of the Van der Heem factories, Stortenbekerstraat, The Hague, late twenties of the last century.

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