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Van der Heem & Bloemsma was founded in The Hague on May 1st, 1926 by three radio pioneers: the brothers L.W and P.H.J van der Heem and engineer J. Bloemsma. Before that date they already made radios, reason enough to start their own small factory. The first model of the still young company was the HB3. This model was quickly followed by the models 4, 5 and 5 Super. The models were ready just in time for the International Radio Exhibition (Internationale Radio Tentoonstelling, (I.R.T.A)) in Amsterdam that was opened on October 2nd, 1926.  J. Corver, Dutch radio pioneer and journalist for the radio magazine Radio Expres, wrote a very good review about them: "These models are something special, internal as well as external. We saw these radios before the I.R.T.A. and we will write about them again on a later date, because they deserve attention. It is good craftsmanship and it may be a new line."

Company logo

From left to right: J. Bloemsma, L.W. van der Heem, P.H.J van der Heem
As a result of this rapid growth, both radio cabinet maker Mutters and Van der Heem can't keep up with demand and Van der Heem starts looking for a new location. They move to a new production site in Stortenbekerstraat 177 in The Hague.
In 1929, Bloemsma leaves and the company changes its name to "N.V. Radiofabriek en Ingenieursbureau voorheen van der Heem en Bloemsma".
During the exhibition the company sold their top model, the 5 Super, to Hendrik Colijn, president of the Dutch Council of Ministers, for the sum of 1000 Guilders (a big amount of money in those days).
The radio (with frame antenna in the lower part of the cabinet) is shown on the right. The cabinet was made by furniture maker H.P. Mutters in The Hague.
In 1927 the Rotterdam trading firm R.S Stokvis becomes the most important customer of Van der Heem & Bloemsma. On February 22nd, Stokvis orders a large number of radios: the  models K, KC, KF, KR and KW. In 1928 the models KL, KWB, KWS and KY follow.

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