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The company Dyna was founded in 1921 by A.C.A. Chabot. The address was 43 rue Richer in Paris. Chabot was a major radio pioneer at Etablissements Péricaud where he worked on crystal receivers from 1909 to 1921. During World War I, he served in a pioneer regiment at a battalion of radio operators. After his military service he returned to Péricaud, where he led the company until 1921.
Once he started his own company, Chabot started to make crystal and tube receivers, and a large variety of parts for experimenting radio enthusiasts, such as signal keys, inductors, capacitors,
switches and soldering irons in his Parisian workshops, 3 rue Moreau Hegesippus. He was also active in the search for opportunities for the use of short wave radio.
The company remained active in the radio industry, especially in the field of marine and shipping equipment, until financial difficulties arose in 1983. In 1989 it was declared bankrupt.

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